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Lyme and joint pain
Feb 17, 2011
Hi all,

I have been on here before concerned about lyme. Little background, about 9 months or so have had symptoms of muscle twitching, tingling and numbness in hands and toes, headaches. In october, personality changed--developed anger, depression, anxiety, tmj symptoms and knee pains. Started lexapro 10 mg in November and my depression/anxiety/anger has mostly gone away except still have my days especially around that time of the month. In December I tested positive for igm with bands 39 and 41 present and igg negative but band 41 present. My primary has dismissed it but I made appts with a IDD and LLMD. In January, started having very mild swollen fingers and joint pain and it comes and goes. It has started happening in my heel and the back of my ankles. I went to a Infectious disease doctor yesterday and I am being tested again for lyme but she doesnt think that is it. Honestly besides the lexapro nothing has changed. I looked up the lexapro and it does cause joint pain so I can't help but think it is the lexapro but what if it is possible the lyme?? I'm going to look into possible switching my lexapro for something else. I also have been having random bone pain. The IDD said that lyme does not affect so many joints and there is always swelling. She thinks that it is arthritis related so ran tests for RA and lupus and stuff like that. Is it true that lyme doesnt affect so many joints and there is always swelling? Those with joint pain do you always have swelling and what has it affected? Thank you!

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