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It all started back in late 2005 when I came into my doctors office feeling sick, my blood pressure was at 170/90 I was a weight lifter in what I thought was pretty good shape and only 24 years old, muscular athletic never took anything no supplements just good diet high protein. My doctor made me come in every two months after that and my blood pressure returned to 140/80 so he didn't medicate me. I went on a long trip down the east coast for a funeral and I remember being mentally hesitant, something i've never felt before but that would continuously get worse.

Fast forward to July of 2006. I began to get depressed and increasingly anxious, I get stressed out easier, I notice I started crying for no apparent reason and could not understand what was going on. I was under stress at work, and had a recent break up with a girlfriend of 3 years so it was understandable that maybe i was going through something emotionally. One month later I come home from work take a nap, and when i get awaken suddenly my heart races so out of control I could barely stand, my vision became blurry, my speech was messed up, I was disoriented i thought i was having a stroke, i just yelled someone call an ambulance. I went to the hospital and they told me i had a panic attack. I called my doctor the next day and he ran a bunch of blood work and immediately put me on high blood pressure medication. He also prescribed me xanax as needed. I tried one, and it made me feel more anxious. As september, october came I could barely function at work, I was having light sensitivity, extreme tiredness, dizziness, it was the beginning of what would become a nightmarish 5 years. I begin to see a therapist and a phsyciatrist who prescribes 10mg of paxil. I get on the paxil and it helps a little with the crying but the phsyciatrist tells me that my leg pains, numbness in my arms and legs, are not associated with my anxiety or depression.

October 2006 my ana comes back 1:640. I am then referred to a rheumatologist, they suspect lupus. I undergo extensive blood work nothing comes back positive for lupus and my ana is ignored.

The next 3 years I become sick over and over and over again, numerous upper respiratory infections, continuous sensititivity to light, dizziness, depression, anxiety, leg cramping difficulty sleeping, a chronic cough, acid reflux, increasing difficulty walking etc. Finally I said enough.

In 2009 I go to a hollistic doctor that is a legit cardiologist. He runs a ton of tests and my testosterone winds up being out of range, my reverse t3 is elevated but not out of range, and my ANA is 1:1280. The doctor tells me to immediately get off the anti depressants so I stop taking them and he tells me that I have the beginning of a thyroid problem. He also questions me whether or not i was ever tested for lyme, I say yes and it was negative. He tells me you still might have it but we will test you again later on. I go to acupuncture treatments, I take a bunch of vitamins I start feeling a little better but still I can't work, I can barely drive around the block, I still feel horrible. December 2009 I get sick and go to the hospital AGAIN.

Once again, Im at the emergency room and I'm sick and cannot breath. My heart is racing out of control and I can barely stand. The ER doctor says its probably your infection that my bp is high and my heart rate fast but in combination with my ANXIETY its nothing to worry about.

2010. At this point my primary care physician says to me you don't have a thyroid problem you never had a thyroid problem, and the doctor that told you this is nuts. He agreed I have the ver high ANA and that needs to be watched but thats it. I even had one pulmonary doctor throw the blood work on the floor and tell me the doctor that ordered the tests was nuts. He then told me to get more help for my anxiety.

May 2010, I see a cardiologist and go through a bunch of testing. I do a stress test which I can't last 3minutes for. He also orders a 24 hour monitor in which he says my heart rate became extremely fast and stayed that way for a while after sex which he said was NOT normal and NOT attributed to anxiety. Ok. He then said you couldn't last 3 minutes on a stress test you need to be evaluated by another doctor, your heart appears fine it seems like a secondary cause.

June 2010. I have now lost 30 pounds in about 2 months, my primary care physician finds no problems with this as he says " well you weighed 180 in 2002 (at age 21 after a 2 month bout of mononucleosis!). I said I am eating a lot more and getting increasingly shaky. He says I just think it your anxiety but you could see a neurologist.

The neurologist sees a clear tremor and some other issues. He tests my thyroid and ding ding ding, my TSH is .01 I'm hyper thyroid. My primary's jaw almost drops. He says I don't understand we always tested you and you always tested normal. Ok so the endo says you have thyroiditis. My severe hyperthyroidism lasts for 4 months and causes me to go to the hospital and be hospitalized for 3 days where i first develop what would be diagnosed as bigeminy PVC's. I weigh myself just about every other day, and wham, in two days I gain 20lbs!! I call my doctor immediately and he doesn't believe me and tells me to come into the office. I go in he weighs me and hes in shock, they re test my thyroid and now Im hypo thyroid.

Finally in january of this year my thyroid function returns to normal, but my vitamin d level is 18 which requires supplements now, and my ana is STILL high. My leg problems have continued and I continue to be achey. I go back to the neurologist and tell him of my new PVC's and muscle spasms all over my body from my legs to my tongue, to my face, and then a feeling of my facial muscles pulling down. I video record the muscle spasms all over my body and show it to my neurologist who says it could be my body still trying to recover, but tests me for lyme.

My ANA is 1:640 , my elisa (not sure if thats right) comes back at 1.13 normal range is 0-.90. and Band 39 is reactive, my platelet count is at 137,000 which is slightly low, my rdw is high, vitamin d still low at 18. My primary care now says that chances are I was "exposed" to lyme or hat lyme at some point but that i no longer have it which is why band 39 that is lyme specific said reactive. They are going to test me again in a few weeks but I continue to have the muscle twitching all over my body, muscle cramps in my legs which have been going on for years, dizziness, eye sensitivity to light, vertigo, clumsiness, PVC's, stomach problems, anxiety.

How I have stayed sane over the past 5 years I don't know, but I can't work, I have very poor stamina, doctors that don't know what to make of me and here I am with little to no answers.

Could all of these problems have been caused by a lyme infection?
Can anyone shed some light on my most previous blood work and what I should really be focused on.

any help or insight is very very appreciated, and thanks to anyone that actually read all that :)

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