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Hi Bella,

So sorry you have to go through this. Are you sure you got it in the UK and were not reinfected in Asia? Pls don't believe doctor's crap over ther "we don't have lymes in SIngapore". Yes, they do and so I do I now unortunately. My dog goes to a daycare over there and I suspect he got icks or flease from there which he brought home, as I recall being bitten on my own living room couch!

Anyway, I am still in Germanz, 5 months later. Unfortunately, I was not that lucky and I developed it in a chronic form, toghether with verious co-infections and viruses.

I think te first mistanke made, was to get iv Rocephine, as this tends to get the bugers to form cysts and the risk of getting it chronically is huge. Besides, doctor's in SIng did not even know how to spell co-infections. Just horrible.

Germany has not been much better, besides that they do have LLMD's over here, who like to pump you full with AB. I got a second months worth of high doses of oral IB, which brough on a bought of CFS. I was floored.

For the last two months I was doing constitutional thereapy with high doses of iv Supplemets, detox, etc and now I have started an IPT protocol, who helps deliver the antiiotics, antivirals right into the cells. Had one session and so far so good. Second one schdule tomorrow.

During all my resarch, I can tell you what I have found out about chronical lyme disease and I am also looking into where I can continue my treatment when back in Singapore.

1. In my opinion (pls don't shoot me), once lyme is chronic, it will be difficult to erradicate it by antibiotics only. This seldom works. THe reason it got chronic, it is because there was something wrong with your immune system to start with and it could not defend itself against lyme. I used to have EBV when was younger andit turns out, my viral load is still significant, which was a huge burden on my immune system. Secondly, I have a bit of an mold isue apparently, which, with those a/c and the humidity in Asia does not surprise me. Biggest problem for me where root canal treated teath, which in my lymphocyte transformation test brought the strep titer to literally explode. Had to kiss two teeth goodbye. That in itself should give huge relief to a strained immun system.

2. Genetical predesposition - You will be surprised t find out, that most sufferes of chronic lyme, have a mutation in their detox systems, Phase I or Phase II. I have a slow Phase II GST-P1 mutation. This leads to accumulation of toxins over a lifetime, which is putting pressure on your immune system and something as major as lymes brings it to crash.

3.Methyliation - Lymes has a nasty way of creating havoc in your body, by depleting glutathion, and creating blocks to your methyliation cycle, which leads to loss of Vit B12 and a vicious cycle from there. Glutathione needs to be supplemented to help your body detox and you need to get the methyliation cycle going again (will tell you further below how to do hat inlovely, but lyme-clueless Singapore)

4. Thyroid, Adrenals and neurotransmitters - these tend to get screwd up quickly, make sure you chek them out. They can create a lot of symptoms you would attribute to lyme, but in reality is hypothyrodism, adrenal fatigue, or neurotransmitter imbalance.

5. Check out nitrostative stress - this can be triggered by a lot of factors, including bcteria, antibiotics, etc and can lead to chronic fatigue by damaging your mitochondials. Vit B12 is the solution

Now, a lot of things to consider, but how to do it in Singapore -

1. Get Igenex tests done pls. Do not relay on Singapore labs. Useless. Get IGm, IGG, PCR and if possible FISH done. SO at least you have something in hand for the lovely docs there.

2. Check out you thyroid and your adrenals, as well as your methylation cycle. I found out that Metamatrix has a representation in Singapore. They do all the tests. I will be doing the ION test once I am back and am currently doing my first one here. That will tell you exactly where you have a block in your methyliation cycle and what to supplement to overcome it.

3. Go to an integrative medicing doctor, forget "infectious diseases (non) specialists". He should be able to test for toxins and heavy metals and help you detox, which is a must if you want to get rid of this nasty disease. Heshould also be able to help you with orthomolekyular if needed.

4. Found a german naturopath when I looked only. He should be very well familiar with lymes (one would hope - we have a lot of llyme here). He also does orthomolecular medice and can help you rebuild your body, while treating lyme with a herbal approach to help your immun sytem stabilise.

5. Still looking for a knowledgable doctor (I mean tradtional one), so far nothing. Will let you know how IPT goes and if it works, it might make sense to go abroad for a few weeks to get it done, but only after having done the basis "groundwork on your body"

6. Please ook out or your gut! THe antibiotics have killed mine, along with 80% of my immune system. It's a slow, painful process to rebuild.

7. Eat as healthy as possible, preferably bio. Tanglin has "brown rice" a goo bio products shop.

9. Check our you Vit D3 (25-OH!!!) levels, they are probably going to be lo, even in Singapore. Supplement. Suuplement with Selen, Zink, Copper, Magnesium (!), Omega 3, Vitamin C and a good Vitamin B complex until you can get your metamatrix testing done.

I am afraind you can get a lot done in Singapore, but you have to setp aside from "mainstream-good-weather" doctors, look for an integrative approach and be prepared (as usual in Singapore) to shelv a lot of money out or testing. And if another doctor gives you crap about 3 weeks lymes treatment, put themin touch with me and I can tell them how far their wisdow has brought me.

Finger's crossed for you!

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