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My daughter is 17 and has had severe nausea and vomiting on a daily basis for a couple of years along with severe body pain and inability to sleep. Has anyone else with Lyme encountered this severe nausea and vomiting? We have tryed everything, and need help so she can be a kid for once and not have this disease ruin the rest of her life, its already been 6 years. Please help!
For the first four years she was undiagnosed having every gastro test in the world done, 2 endoscopys, 1 colonoscopy, stomach emptying, ultrasound on stomach, x-ray on stomach, blood tests, medications of all sorts, of course everything looked fine in tests. After the diagnosis, we've tryed a pic line for 30 days of antibiotic, naturpaths with IV's, oxygen chamber, currently working with an Iridologist, nothing is helping yet. Her medical doctors act like they don't really believe the diagnosis because we live in Idaho I think, and more than one has said where would she have gotten Lyme disease? Last week she was in the hospital getting IV's for dehydration(even though she drinks 32 oz. of water a day) and morphine for the pain, that didn't take it away. So frustrating!!
Mama hello
First of all sorry Stephanie is going threw all this but it sound just like my story i was bit by a tick in Waco Tx. It was on me for a matter of weeks before detected, because it was in the bend of my knee in the back i felt of it thought it was a mole, till it got so big i pulled it of an it was a fat!!!!!! tick. I went through the same thing nausea i could be in the middle of a shopping center an would have to run to the bath room are out the front door to well u know, This went on for 4 years ended up in hospital for a week couldn't hold anything down pain oh my, The leg the tick bit me in would just give way when walking as if i had no leg there. No one new what was wrong I was bit in 1998 in 1999 is when all the horrible things started was sick all the time fever, pain, aches. heart palpatation chest pains. sweating, chills. Finally got tested for Fibromyaliga so i have that but i knew there was more read about Lymes Rhumy said no you where in Waco it couldn't be Lymes. Then after 6 years no one would listen had heart issues found out my main attery was 95% blocked had to have open heart surgery no one could understand. I had no health problems was only 42 finally talk my gp into testing for Lymes an guess what boom i have Lymes 11 years of begging for ppl to test but just because i was in Waco when i got bit, they wouldn't here of it. So good luck an keep at them you will find the right doctor.:angel:

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