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I went back to my pc doctor with the symptoms of low-grade fever, joint pain, anxiety etc. Last summer I had a Lyme test and my doctor said it was negative. So last week, 6 months later, I asked about my Lyme test. He said "you don't have Lyme's" I asked for a copy of my western blot test. Band 41 was reactive on both the igg and igm. My dr. put me on Lexapro, an anti-depressive, anti-anxiety because he thinks all the stress I have been under is causing all my problems. I can't believe stress can cause a 99.3 fever for months!!! He seemed exasperated that I brought up the Lymes again. By the way, I have been bitten by ticks many times since I spend a lot of the time in the woods here in the midwest, but because I have never had a rash, the dr. doesn't think it's an issue. I have an appointment with a doctor in Columbia MO who treats Lyme patients. I guess my fear is that my doctor won't consider Lyme's but I'm afraid this doctor won't consider anything BUT Lyme's. The receptionist pretty much told me when I made the appointment that if I had any reactive band, the doctor would start me on treatment. I have read a little about band 41 and one site said that 90% of the population tests pos. for band 41. Does anyone have any advice?

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