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[QUOTE=NicoleLymie20;4721427][SIZE="4"][/SIZE] Hello everyone. Im kind of new to this disease. I started getting ill on Christmas (Flu) && worse in Jan 2011, then finally diagnosed Feb 11th, I started Doxycycline that same day & Zithromax Feb 26th.

I stopped Zithromax March 25th, because the LLMD said i have alot of neuro symptoms so he's he's going to put me on Rocephin & Zithromax April 11th. But i can only stay on for 30 days due to my insurance... Does anyone have experience with this?[/QUOTE]

Hi Nicole

Sorry to hear you are going through this, but on the brighter side it sounds as though you have caught this early which is great news, as you have a much higher chance of making a full recovery.

Im sorry to hear that your insurance will not cover more than 30 days worth of treatment, but I cannot stress enough that 30 days worth of abx will not be enough to treat your infection, especially if you are presenting with neurological symptoms, unfortunately insurance rarely covers the cost of treatment for lyme, and most of us have to fund the treatment ourselves. Please do not stop the treatment when the insurance funds run out, I know this is easier said than done due to financial reasons, but you really need to continue treatment for several months after all the symptoms have gone. Also have you been tested for co-infections? as these need to be treated as well as the Lyme.

Best of luck


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