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The only time I remember being bit by a tick was late last summer I mustve stumbled upon a nest and had about a hundred tiny baby ticks on me to get off.
It was soon after that I started feeling short of breath all the time.

It wasn't until over a month ago, the dr. gave me inhaled steroids. We went through several trials (Advair, Asmanex, and others). All of them made me very very ill. Like severe fatigue and severe knee joint pain.

Well, I quit the steroids but the knee pain is persisting. My knees feel tight and painful. I can hardly leave the house because walking makes it worse and my feet feel numb after. I am also experiencing some 'fatigue' in my elbow joints if I use them too much. My hands sometimes feel very cold and numbish. I feel crappy and Motrin and Aleve isnt helping. BTW, I am only 32, female.

I was hoping this was just a lingering side effect of the steriods, but the pain is getting worse. And I read that steriods can make Lyme worse. I'm getting a blood test done Monday. What do you guys think?

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