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Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post! I've been pretty sick and desperate for answers for the past 3 weeks

Over three weeks ago i bacame sick. I had shortness of breath. I went to the hospital and they literally did NOTHING. I sat in the waiting room (thinking I was waiting for the nurse) for 2 hours. I was later told that there was nothing they could do for me.
2 days later I woke up to an excruicating pain around my upper abdomen (near my breast bone). ive never been in that much pain in my life. I took some pepto bismal, layed down and shivered til I fell asleep. The next two days I had the stomach flu. I couldn't keep food down, couldnt walk without having something to lean on and struggled holding things. I dicided to go to the ER. They said I had the stomach flu. There (again) was nothing that they could do. I just needed to wait it out and I would feel better.
The morning after, I had a tingling feeling go all around my body. It was like a body buzz all over. Also, it seemed like my legs had a mind of its own. It was like I was playing soccer. They were moving all over. I've always had restless legs but never
like that. I also started to have muscles twitching up and down my legs. I still experienced stomach pains and horrible back pain. No matter what i did, I couldnt get comfortable. I couldnt sleep. I went to a different hospital and they ordered a x ray and ultrasound. Everything was fine but i was very backed up (too much info..I kno;)) I did a cleanse for my colon.
The next day I felt good. I thought I was back. I was ready to be the spunky girl I am. But that night I couldnt sleep. I kept on being jerked out of my sleep. My muscles twitching had travelled its way to my arms and my shoulder blades. .I also had a horrible headache. All I could do was cry. I felt so lonely and every doctor i saw either said it was the stomach flu, stress or brushed me off completely.
For the next few days I'd wake up sweating around my neck area, tight chested, shortness of breath and cramped calf muscles. I went to the walk in clinic and he was so insensitive. I would explain my symptoms and his response was "uhuh, uhuh, uhuh..." he quickly checked my vital signs and my weight and said all my problems were due to my weight ( I am sightly overweight) and stress. He gave me a prescription to Avitan and made me do some blood work and a chest x ray.
I went back last Wednesday. He said everything was fine. My b12 is fine, so is my thyroid. Just lose some weight and I'll be fine. I explained to him that since i had last seen him that I was experiencing facial ticks and pressure headaches. It was like nothing was getting through to him (other than i'm fat.)
Yesterday, i went to the ER (my family doctor told me to go back if my symptoms got worse) to get a CT scan of my head and spine. The ER doctor refused too. She said I was too young (im 21) and that the risk of getting cancer is too great for me. As long as I can walk a straight line and can raise both my hands with my eyes closed,
I'm fine. I regret not getting it done anyways. It's amzing how some doctors can be so convincing. For awhile I did think I was crazy. Maybe I'm just naive.
Its just been a horrible rollercoaster ride that I can't get off of. It seems like every doctor thinks I'm stressed out or that its all in my head. I was told by a nurse, point blank, that i need to see a psychiatrist. I couldn't believe it. I haven't been to work in 3 weeks and my social life has suffered immensely. All I do is cry because I can't figure it out. The unknown is so scary. If i knew what it was I could fix it or at least take care of it.

As of right now my symptoms are:

-Internal tremors (shaking on the inside. Worse at waking up. I can feel it sometimes
throughout the day)
Pressure headaches
- Muscle spasms/ twitching all over body (even buttocks)
- Muscle and joint pain
- Occasional back pain
- Itching on stomach and back (on occasions)
- Muscle jerking (legs, arms, fingers)
- Twitching of lips and nose
- Cold sensation on forehead (mainly left side)
- Tingling feeling in head
- Double vision (at times)
- Cracking and popping of joints
- Nausea
- Can't keep emotions in check ( I'v been crying pretty much evryday)

* What makes me think that it isn't lyme disease is that I haven't had fever, I don't have a tick bite either. I'm a very indoors type girl. I live in Toronto.

If I can get some your opinions that would be so great to me. Thanks again for taking the time to read my story. I really appreciate it.

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