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Hi all, help needed
May 16, 2011
I was bitten by a tick 2 years ago(and many times before that tho), I didn't have this round red circle that usually shows when they bite you, but my friend that was with me that day also got bitten by a tick and he got that red circle, he went for meds 2-3 days later, and I didn't take them because I didn't have that rash.

I live in Serbia, it is in Europe, we don't have those doctor that are specialists for Lyme disease so i was going to regular doctor for tropical infections.

So i did few ELISA test which gave strange results for example IGM was positive after a year after that tick bit me and as i understood the doctor it was pretty impossible.

So i found a WESTERN BLOT test in private lab so I paid and i got the results and everything was negative for [B]IGM[/B], all those numbers: 17kda, 19kda, 21 25 30 31 39 41 83 and VIsE was negative.
(we use this protein numbers test because the ticks here in Europe are different i guess)

As for [B]IGG[/B] everything was negative except for [B]41kda(FlaB).[/B] that showed strong reaction(free translation)

[B]What does this mean? Why is only P41 positive on IgG and showed strong reaction?[/B]
It has something to do with some cross-reactions?

Could it be some other disease?
If anyone can help I would be very grateful because I just can't get good help from doctors :(

Symptoms that I have are mainly strange pain in my joints on legs, the foot joint and knee joint mainly, maybe the stiff neck(I am not sure I read about it on this forum and I can't translate it well so I know if it is what I am feeling)

My English is not perfect, sorry for that :(
I will give you any additional info if you need it.
Thank you in advance.

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