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Hi everyone, been a very long time since i have been on here but have some questions...

History, diagnosed with lyme disease back in 2006 after numerous testing for many things finally found out had lyme. Went to LLMD in Towson and he also based m symptoms on bartonella and babesia.

Went thru 2 steady years of antibiotcs always have the cocktail consisting of a minimum of three different types. Had a picc on 2 occassions, first lasted 11 week when my line started to get infected and had to come out, quickly relapsed and about 6 mths later started a second one.

Had all my normal blood tests and everything was always normal as far as liver functions. 10 weeks into second picc found myself sick with bad pain on the right side, something told me that this was not right and since i was concerned with long term meds and my liver i went to the ER. Dr told me it was prob zithro pains which i clearly knew the difference. After testing he was shocked to tell me my gallbladder was bad, 90% not working so I had surgery the next morning, immediately felt 100% better as far as lyme (surgery was worse ever). Kept the line in but no meds thru it. One week later it was taken out, Finished about 2 months of oral meds and that two years ago.

Now I did not know it until reading a few days ago, there seems to be a link between gallbladder disease and iv rocephin. Said it crystalizes the gallbladder, I know it was fine before being treated for lyme because it was tested when i had unexplained right side pain for months (prob the bartonella). Now having issues with my legs being swollen, went to the dr who ordered a ultrasound of kidney due to right flank pain too. Got a call and now need to see a urologist, said my LEFT kidney has a cyst (not always something to worry about) but apparently shows to have a blockage of some type but cant see the blockage), right appears normal, yet my pain is in the right. I am trying to find out if any of this could link to liver. I am requesting an ultrasound on that too now just to be safe. I know that kidney can be damaged in dogs so sure same result for us. Just so confused

Would apprecaite any knowledge.

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