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Hi, Long story short (maybe) - Lyme symptoms were migrating joint pain, petechial type rash (maybe parvo co-infection?), diarrhea. Never saw tick bite, but when rash + joint pain together, went to my local urgent care who said - "Oh no, can't be lyme or RMSF, bc you would have known if you were bitten by a tick and had the bullseye rash." Being the persistent pest I am (haha) and NOT believing this PA, I immediately went to the ER. Ran several tests and days later the test came back pos. IGM - 2 of 3 (pos) and IGG - 3 of 10 (apparently, neg, according to the cdc). Started on doxy, and almost finished with 4 wk cycle. Started menstrual cycle last friday and major pains in hip started and I saw a faint version of the original rash. I had a friend in town, so I took the few remaining prednisone I had for the original rash and it seemed to check it.

So, I am worried about the 3 positive bands that I had. I also read that the symptoms can come back around the menstrual cycle. This would lead me to believe that I may not be killing this BB with the doxy and am very worried about that. I am looking for a LLMD in the Pgh area bc I just don't think my PCP is going to to take me seriously. I called in 2xs to ask for pain meds for the serious joint pain - 1st time I got naproxen which helps. When I called yesterday after days of all-consuming pain, they basically said take the naproxen. I feel like I am asking for heroin, the way these docs treat you these days. I am home with my 3 kids (youngest being 9 months and am obviously carying around most of the day - which really kills the hips by the end of the day).

Hope I can find some answers and thanks!

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