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Too much abx?
May 29, 2011
Hi everyone- I started with a new naturopath recently and he wants to do a PCR test. I have suffered for about 6 years and have been treated by another LLMD during that time with limited results. I have never had a positive Lyme test (equivocal), even Igenix. So, the new doc wants to force a herx and do the PCR so he can figure out which abx are needed for IV treatment. He strongly suspects Lyme, Bart and Babs and I tend to agree. He is going to force the herx by doing 2 IV infusions, 2 days apart, while I gather 3 different urine samples. I do not know much about IV treatment- and asked him how often he uses it and he said only about 5% of the time. I am worried about the amount of abx he is suggesting. It includes Rocephin, Doxy, IM Bicillin (shot form) and Tindemax all at once.:dizzy: He is tryng to hit the full spectrum of infections, just in case. I am starting June 6th and would like to know if anyone else has gone through it and what the dangers might be. I expect to herx badly- that is the point but I do not want to do any other damage. Thanks for the help.

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