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Could it be Lyme
Jun 3, 2011
I have been suffering from many symptoms related to Lyme disease. I have IGG and IGM tests. Only reactive band was IGM 23. My internet research shows that bands 23-25 are specific to the Bb infecttion. Seen infectious disease doc and they purely quote the CDC guidelines which makes my test results negative. He is not convinced that reactive band 23 is specific to Bb, only cross-reactive. However, in addition to all the symptoms I have (most of what Dr. Bussarrino list of symptoms), I marked the time when all of this started. Last July I was walking in a heavily wooded area known to have deer. About a month after that I noticed a large circular type patch on my lower back. The mark lasted about 4-6 weeks. After the rash disappeared, the symptoms began. The infectious disease doc said I could have been bitten by a mosquito and dismised it and doesn't think the symptoms are related to the mark on my back. It's so very odd to me that since I had that bite, all of this stuff began and just has gotten worse over time. Now the shortness of breath, palpatations are more frequent. I don't suffer from general anxiety or panic disorder. I have researched LD for at least 6 months and find most practioners use the CDC guidelines which will miss the majority of LD cases in the US. The last doctor said it's a neuro issue.

Am I chasing the wrong diagnosis of LD?

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