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Lyme or MS?
Jun 5, 2011

So, I have been dx'd with ms about a mos ago now. I had a brain mri and there were 11 lesions that were located. We are doing the spinal mri this weekend.

The reason I am posting here is because about a year or so ago I was working in my yard, I was in the woods bigtime. A short time later my joint began to swell in my arm. I had fatigue, more swollen limbs, etc.

I waited a few mos. and had a lyme's test done the results were positive supposedly for the first round of tests and the western blot. I than took that report and went to a specialist that treats lymes. He overlooked the blood work and said You do not have lyme's disease. He said your depressed. LOL. I wasn't at all had just gotten remarried was just exhausted.

Time went on legs began to burn, ache, vision blurriness, started to stutter on occasion etc. I went to a local e.r. and had lyme test re run I was positive on the first test yet negative on the western blot.

I than went to a neurologist and was dx'd with ms after the 11 lesions were located. My gait is off, sensory affected etc.

So, for some reason it's not sitting right w/me. Could I be in ms denial? LOl possibly yet i already processed that dx, changed diet am eating non gluten, no dairy, yoga each day now gym as well.

Does this sound like a possible mis diagnosis of ms to anyone? i think the 11 lesions speaks volumes. How could 11 lesions be from lyme's within over a year of having it, if that were it?

any thoughts appreciated.
Re: Lyme or MS?
Jun 6, 2011

thanks for the responses. to clarify when i had the first round of blood work done well over a year ago now they stated it was lyme's disease. I than went to an LLMD who specialized in lyme and said to me their out of their minds you do not have lyme's disease.

So, i just looked more carefully at that old blood work and it stated Anti Nuclear AB was negative. Than the Lyme test on the blood work sheet, no specified name came out to 1.11.

anyway the guy said i didn't have it, he cost a fortune are we are without insurance right now.

11 lesions is a substantial amt. tmrw i go for another round of mri's with contrast on my spinal cord and brain.

so, if i was lymes can there also be lesions on the spine?

I"m holding off on the meds for right now, they'll probably be delivered soon. My symptoms are worsening which is why i need to get a clear cut answer. My husband thinks i'm batty and in ms denial. ms is a hard nut to swallow. i've already become active in the ms community, told family.

Yet fact remains i've exhibited symptoms past 5 years prior to yard work of blurred vision etc.

it's all so confusing. idk why my mind keeps going bck to my swollen arm and that yard work over a year ago than the first dx of lyme, than the lyme specialist saying it wasn't lyme. yet 2nd round of blood work done just 4 mos. ago indicated positive on the antibodies yet Negative on the western blot.

round and round i go. we can't afford another lyme specialist at this point we have no insurance and their a fortune so i have to find out another way to figure this out.

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