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I cannot locate my post from 6/3? Band 23 is the only reactive band. ID doctor says it's not lyme. But from what I read that is typical of a non LLD. I can say for sure that I was bitten in July 2010. Within a month had a large rash. By Sept and Oct developed flu symptoms that have moved on to neuro, brain fog, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, etc. Yet the ID doc doesn't think it means anything. He said I could have been bitten my a mosquito. Can you have lyme with only positive 23 band? I read this band is specific to lyme exposure. Why do so many doctors follow CDC rules which from what I read it truly misdiagnosing most cases LD. Further a friend who was diagnosed with LD doctor's told her that there are a large number of people who truly have LD but their lyme titers test negative....scarey. Can anyone shed somelight? All other blood tests are normal.

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