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I had posted before but didn't get any replies... please, I need help.....

Rundown on history....I have been sick since mid August 2010. Come October, I started putting the pieces together on a time line. I was hiking in a heavily deer inhabited area in mid to late July. Within 4-5 weeks after than, I had a large oval looking rash on my lower back. It lasted about a month or so. By the end of August early September I started getting flu like symptoms that progressed to extreme fatigue, tremors, leg and facial twitching, burning in feet, excessive sweating, naseau, shortness of breath, muscle pain/cramping, tingling, numbness, brain fog, dizziness and poor balance, confusion. My Igm only tested postive for lyme band 23, all rest negative and IGG all negative. Infectious disease doctor quotes I do not fit CDC guidelines. I have read much on internet over last 6 months and find all testing for lyme is not always conclusive. Actually, a great % of people who have lyme never test positive on Igm/Igg tests. Also that, symptoms and a bite need to be taken seriously when symptoms are present. The ID doctor is not moved that I was bitten by something, got a rash and then terribly ill and getting worse. He said tests negative and could have been bitten my mosquito.

Please help me.......I read different opinions about reactive band 23. Some say it's specific to Bb and some say it's cross reactive. Also doctor's believe if you are exposed to lyme, you would produce antibody....thank you in advance.

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