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I am 21 years old. I think from 2 years of researching that I either have lupus or lyme disease and I really need some help. This is my story- I took a plan b contraceptive pill 2 years ago as directed and went fourwheeling the same day in Fl. I went riding near high grass and near a lake aswell. I also got bit by a bunch of ants this day. I woke up the next day which numerous of symptoms I have never had before that I still have 2 years later: Fatigue, muscle aches in neck shoulders and back, shortness of breath every night, confusion, accidently dont finish sentences or i fade away with my voice im told,frequent urination, white discharge everyday, sudden instant chest pains that give me instant panic attacks, chest pain that is under left breast everynight, feels like a dule stab, and so much different chest pains, I wake up with pins and needles in my arms like they fall alseep, a rash developed on my neck that hurts to touch and about a week ago i decided to try hydrocortizone and it now itches since i did that, I get random twitches in my eyes, arms, legs, and head, anxiety,itchy eyes, nerve pain, blurred vision feels like my eyes are inflammed, sensitivity to light, a lump appeared on the left side of my last bottom ribcage-it feels attached and hurts mainly when i excert myself, something as simple as walking, my back got stuck 8 times so far for an hour or less eachtime. My chest itches at times,There are more symptoms i cant think of right now but can anybody help?I had seizures as a baby for a year and they magically went away. I was diagnosed with a "unknown mass in my right ovary" in 2009. Since 2009 my doctors tryed me on 5 different birth controls so that I can find the right one that would help my crazy abdominal pain.None ever did work so I discontinued in 2010. This year 2011 I have a positive ana but a negative anti dna..My thyroid is ok, I have high glucose and high pottasium which was tested twice and these test were found this year. I also had 9 xrays which came back fine and one ct that came back normal. I am not on any medications, though i did try prednisone for a week and doxyclcline for 2 weeks and neither made any difference. I am trying to find a doctor who wants to help me and doesn't throw anti depressant pills at me to try after "I told him I'm not depressed and that my grandma killed herself after taking anti depressants and my mom just stopped because she got very ill from taking anti depressants. My mom has raynauds phenominon undiagnosed but I always wondered why her hands turned white then purple in cold water..I used to be so energetic and I used to feel good and normal, now I feel 90 years old and I get such bad pains that make me feel like I'm going to die. I am a strong positive woman and I wont give up on this. If anybody has any advice or can help me find a good doctor please email me here. Thank you!

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