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Could this be Lyme?
Jun 14, 2011
Symptoms started almost 4 months ago, initially I had a very bad "cold"/flu that I didnt' treat with any antibiotics. About a week later I got left shoulder pain and started getting a migrating pins and needles feeling in my body. I had that for about a week and then it went away temporarily and then came back 2 weeks later, the joint pain never went away, but the pins and needles did and came back. So now since March I have had that symptom along with others.

Unrelated but very stressful, I found a mass in my breast and had surgery to remove/biopsy it (came back benign).

The stress did sent me through a loop and I went on Zoloft and then the next day was dx with a UTI and put on an antibiotic. Well 3 days in I got all sorts of new body hurt, heavy limbs, numbness in arms and legs, shaking hands, and internal "vibration" in my face that caused twitching in both eyes (on the lower portion of the eye) None of these symptoms have completely gone away, some days they are better than others, but they are always there for the last 5 weeks or so. It seems like my limbs fall asleep very easy when sleeping at night. Now my vision seems to be off as well.

I DID have a lyme test but at the time was on the antibiotic for the UTI and I read that can read to false negatives? Also had a CAT scan of the head and neck that came back normal. I am scheduled for an MRI on Friday.

Could this be Lyme? Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? I also have chronic lower back pain and pain in both knees and my left foot and shoulder.

Thanks in advance for any responses!

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