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I had a positive EIA 1.87. then the western blot came out negative with only band 23 IgM being reactive. Is this something I should still pursue? :confused:

Back in April I pulled a non attached tick off my leg that must have been in my bed after I got up in the morning. We had been fishing several days beforehand and I had pulled 3-4 ticks out of each of my daughters hair and my youngest went and jumped in my bed before I had a chance to go through her hair:.

About 3-4 wks after all this I started with severe dizziness, joint and muscle pain, daily headaches and I am so tired.

My husband also has noticed when I am feeling particularly awful that my speech slurs and I am hard to understand.

I was started on abx by my PCP on my suspicions but after 3 days I felt so much worse and completely quit them after 5 days along with the prednisone I was given.

After all of this, could this be Lyme even with the negative result?

Any help appreciated. Thank you all

Also wanted to add that I have been having pain and weakness in my left arm with pins and needles feeling throughout my whole left side.

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