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My son was taken to the ER last week because he appeared to be on drugs. He was hearing and seeing things and was very disoriented. His motor skills were impaired also. At the hospital he had a fever (100.4) and a high pulse rate. He was tested for drugs which came out negative. He was then transferred to a psychiatric hospital. The next day when I went to see him he seemed totally back to normal. He had an EEG and MRI which also came back normal. After 4 days he came home. That night he found a tick on his leg. This was not the first tick that he found over the past couple of years. The following day I took him to the doctor for blood work because I was convinced that he had Lyme disease. The doctor did not agree with me. The next day he again had a fever, vomitting and severe muscle and joint aches. I just got his lab work back and the dr. said that he does not have Lymes, but I still disagree.

Absolute Lymphocytes 925 Normal range 1200-5200
MCV 99.5 Normal range 78-98
Lyme .90 Positive result is .91 and above

The doctor is telling me that everything is fine. Then why is my son sick? Why did he have to go to a psychiatric hospital? Everything is not fine!!!!

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