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My daughter's Lyme doctor recommended she try a diet that restricts dairy intake, especially the first few weeks.

She was taking probiotics as part of her supplements before going on this diet. She stopped because she believes the probiotics are a dairy/lactose product.

I think she should still be taking the probiotics.

If anyone is on a low dairy diet, let me know your thoughts on probiotics while on the diet.
Dairy products cause inflammation in us Lymies. So does gluten and sugar. Probiotics are absolutely essential if taking antibiotics.

There are dairy free probiotics and your daughter absolutely needs to continue taking them, especially if she is on abx! You can check with your doctor but I imagine he/she probably had more in mind eliminating milk and cheese consumption.


Thanks. Found dairy free probiotics right in local chain vitamin store. They even had them in the refrigerator as they should be.

Diet is from a Lyme disease cookbook.

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