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Hi. I am here because another member pointed me in the direction of Lymes from the "brain" board. lol. I had never considered that, for all these years, my symptoms could be from Lyme Disease. I have been reading, watching videos, etc, for the last few days and there is no doubt in my mind that I have late stage lymes.

I went to the doctor (again, right?! i know.) and she agreed that it could be possible. She put me on three weeks of doxycycline. My symptoms are severe and have been ongoing for years, possibly more than a decade. I can figure back to sixth grade when I developed a strange tumor on my jaw, suddenly had joint issues that made me quit soccer, anxiety/ depression/ ocd sorts of issues began then as well as chronic migraines. I lived in NH then.

So, I guess I should start somewhere recent. I went to get surgery on carpal tunnel. I had to get an emg... but my nerves were fine, wasn't carpal tunnel. Yet, my hands were tingling, arms even... and my hands would curl up it was so bad. When they said it wasn't carpal tunnel I started to look for answers... was it connected to the throbbing in my legs? The jaw pain? The fatigue lately that made me lay in bed every moment I could? The headaches that don't go away no matter what I take (I could take all the narcotics I want - I don't. I had them prescribed when I had my tubal and had some left and never used them... they don't help any of my pain symptoms at all). I had surgery on my jaw and the army kept me full of pain meds that never stopped the pain.

There are days I feel 'ok' but then... even those days aren't really... ok... I really don't know what a good day is anymore, maybe just a day I only twitch? I feel crazy!!

I am looking for a doctor in Minnesota, if anyone can help.

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