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[COLOR="Purple"]There are no set of rules when it comes to Lyme and co-infections. How it affects one person is not how it could affect another. alot of it depends on different strains of the bacteria. Beings there are many people that come to our country and us to other parts of the world. We are swapin different strains.
Then there are different strains of Bartonella, babesia and on and on. So testing is defnatley unreliable. Plus the B.B. bacteria hates oxygen. So it imbeddes more into the tissue and bone and out of the blood stream. So another reason for negative testing.

I was told I did not have lyme. I was told my test were negative. I was tested with the Elisa test several times, negative every time. The Luate, negative with that...westerna blots that never was positive for the CDC. And each time it would pull up a different band. After 11 years of treatment FINALLY I tested positive on a Westerne Blot. (according to igenex) Still not enough for the CDC.

Lyme Specialist go on symptoms. And infectious disease docs are just as bad to get the right treatment from, as a general practioner. YOU need to see a Lyme Specialist.
Kind of like, you wouldn't go to a Ear doctor if you had a foot problem.

You could keep testing negative all along and never get treatment. Cause the run of the mill doctors do not want to lose their license for long term antibiotic treatment.
Also a good LLMD will help you to get on the right supplements your body needs too.

And of course many detox methods and things you can do on your own. Everyone that deals with a chronic illness needs to sit and read as much as they can. We have to become our own advocates!

Hope you find the right help soon!


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