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Hi all - I'm new and my only experience with Lyme came earlier this summer when my boyfriend came down with a horrific case that required hospitalization and IV antibiotics for 4 weeks. He had the bullseye rash, neurological symptoms, Bells Palsy, paralyzed vocal cords, fever, aches, etc. Thankfully he seems to be doing better now.

About a month ago I started feeling pain in my knees when I was going up and down stairs - didn't think too much about it, especially since I've put on 10 lbs this summer from all the stress of dealing with his Lyme. They're still a little achy - but not so bad that I can't do the stairs or even think about it much. Then this past Sunday I got what I thought was a mosquito bite - the bite area was hot & itchy. I left it alone & Monday when I woke up there was a huge red circle around it on my leg, it was very hot and it hurt to touch it or even to walk. I took some advil & put some ice on it and it felt a little better. Tuesday it was still red so I decided to go to the dr to make sure it wasn't anything besides a bad reaction to a mosquito bite. Now, I live/work in NYC (my boyfriend lives in CT, which is where I spend my weekends) so I went to my dr in Midtown Manhattan. She looked at it & said it looks like a classic Lyme bullseye rash - which, once she pointed it out, I could see it did look like a bullseye. So she took some blood & gave me a prescription for Doxycycline (2 weeks). She said check back with her on the blood test results but that it sometimes comes back with false-negative so take the medicine. So I've taken four doses since then. This morning I looked in the mirror and I don't see the bullseye at all - and it's not hot. The area still feels hard. Would a Lyme rash have cleared up that quickly? Or is it more likely that she just doesn't see very much Lyme (being in Manhattan) and overreacted? The area still has a little bit of a "bruised" look to it with some small red raised bumps but it's not nearly as big and it definitely doesn't look like a bullseye anymore. As I said I don't have any other real symptoms except for the knees which can certainly be just a coincidence. I just find it odd that the rash wouldn't be there today.

Does anyone know how long the bullseye rash usually lasts after you begin treatment? My boyfriend is trying to get me an appointment with the dr that treated him, but apparently you have to be referred to him by your dr & he wants copies of the blood test results, which I don't have yet (and from what I'm told may not mean anything anyway?).

(By the way - neither my boyfriend or I remembers being bitten by a tick although we did see one crawling on my leg a couple of months ago while sitting on his back deck.)

I'd welcome any/all help/information. Thanks!

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