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Possible Tick bite?
Sep 16, 2011
I noticed a bug bite on my knee the other day and it's gotten more red and sore but not itchy. I also have had night sweats, sore throat and neck/head aches and wondering if it has anything to do with the bite...could this be a tick bite/Lyme disease? I did go to a dog kennel last week, but nowhere near woods
I live in a Lyme endemic area and have had it twice as has my husband. Some facts.

The Lyme tick can be so small you hardly see it or up to about 1/4inch. You can't tell it from any other kind of tick by looking at it but if you find it(pull it off), your local health department can test it.

It takes about 48 hours of attachment for the tick to pass the parasite. Systemic symptoms show up from 3 to 30 days after the bite....not immediately.

If you get the hallmark bull's eye rash, it starts as a red mosquito type raised red bump and then starts to spread out in rings(hence it looks like a bull's eye). The rings can go out to over a foot in size when on the back or abdomen(hubby's was huge on his side). However, not everyone gets the bull's eye and you can get patches of a red rashy area anywhere on the body instead.

Along with the rash that is itchy, you may feel foggy and achy and as if are coming down with the flu but I found the mental problems very telling of Lyme. You are incredibly foggy and others will notice it...worse than with the flu.

Lyme in the hair of the head can be slightly different. The rings tend to be closer together and it almost looks like cellulitis. I was misdiagnosed with cellulitis and given the wrong antibiotic when it turned out to be Lyme....not enough differentiation of the Lyme rings to tell.

One way to know it's Lyme when you are on the antibiotics......cellulitis clears up from the outside of the rash inward and Lyme clears from the center bump on outward. Important to know in case you got the wrong diagnosis.

There really is no way to know if your rash is Lyme...someone who knows has to see it. Spider bites can make you sick fairly fast and do increase in size as well...can even have rings.

Best bet...have it checked out if it's making you feel sick. Any bug bite that makes you feel sick all over should be checked out ASAP. Only a localized bite is safe to leave alone....all over...check it out. Could even be an allergic reaction and that needs help too.

Hopes this helps.


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