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Please help....I need some opinions desperately. Thank you in advance to any input you can provide.

I am 29 and have been living in slowly detiorating agony for the past couple of years... desperate for a solution.

I was diagnosed w/ MS a year and a 18 months ago. My presenting symptom was optic neuritis in one eye, and months later, in the other. I have a few lesions on my brain, which led the doctors to believe this was MS. I have had tingling/numbness in my limbs but nothing severe. Prior to the diagnosis, they did lab work on everything and Lyme showed up negative.

Despite MS treatment, after 18 months, my cognition has slowly deteriorated into constant fogginess (like taking cold medecine) and my fatigue is unbearable. I sleep 7-9 hours a day, take narcolepsy drugs (Provigil), and still feel tired. I have serious issues waking in the morning. 3 months ago, a constant twitch in my eye (appearing every 10 to 30 minutes), appeared...which numerous MS specialists can't explain. They thought this all may have to do w/ new MS lesions. Additionally, my lymph nodes in my armpits have been swollen to some degree for the past few months and out of no where a itchy, dry rash appeared in between two of my fingers, and has remained for over a month.

While I currently reside in New York City, I was raised in a woodsy part of New Hampshire, and visit often. My mother heard Tom Grier speak on Lyme, and encouraged me to listen, when she heard his point on widespread false-negatives. If you were me...would you be concerned that the perhaps I have a mis-diagnosis of MS? Pumped full of MS meds...very confused...scared.


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