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Hi. I need help developing a plan of action. I haven't been diagnosed with Lyme---although I had a suspicious tick bite about 3 months ago. I'm trying to figure out the source of my constantly ringing, full-feeling ears. An ENT doc has just diagnoised me with Meniere's. The ringing/roaring started a month after my tick bites (received late July 2011 while in NC...where my Dad and 2 sibs both contracted Lyme). One of the bites was super red for several days and the other two looked like mosquito bites. I did have some generalized aches and pains with headache for a couple of days, but thought, conincidentally, I was probably getting a sinus infection from some ear plugs I'd been wearing. About a month after the bites, I was achey again. NO fever. My doc ordered an ELISA test, which came back negative. I've been feeling okay for the past 1 1/2 months, but my ears are driving me crazy. I'm still wondering if I could have Lyme.

Anyone out there had tinnitus as their main symptom? Anyone had Lyme, but were diagnoised with Meniere's? I had a hearing test that did show some mild hearing loss in the lower frequencies---consistent with Meniere's---or at least, with increased pressure/fluid in the inner ear. Is that type of hearing loss associated with Lyme? What tests to do next?

Thanks for any insight!

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