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Could it be back?
Oct 19, 2011
Hello, i'm new to this site and I joined up because it seems like there is a great community of helpful people here. Im going crazy at the moment wondering what is wrong with me, and I think I may have Lyme again. It's somewhat of a long post, so please bare with me.

I was diagnosed with lyme disease and meningitis by a wonderful doctor when I was about 16. I was treated for about a month with IV antibiotics, and seemed to be feeling myself afterwords. I figured if I feel good now the disease must be gone.

Well, its 7 years later, and now at 23 something strange has happened to me. I was at work when all of a sudden, I got a very odd, tingly sensation throughout my entire body. I panicked, was sent home and figured id sleep it off. Boy was I wrong.

I went to the walk in the next day. Had blood taken, and an ekg done. EKG and bloodwork were fine, doctor said it was probably viral. Ever since then I have been extremely fatigued. I've been lightheaded every day, almost all day. I seem to be in a brain fog, where its hard to focus in on things, and randomly I feel like falling over. My head feels full and heavy, and I get these pains in my head at times. Not really like a headache, but a pain from too much pressure in my head. My eyes feel extremely heavy, tired, and swollen. Like they want to pop out of my head. I've had random numbness in my left foot and left arm. My shoulders are sore, my elbow and knee's ache, and my face feels flushed and my head feels like its on fire to the touch, but I have no fever.

A week later I went to my primary. He gave me doxycycline 100mg 2x a day. within 3 days I started to feel god awful. I started to get flu like symptoms, chills, extreme fatigue.

I've had blood work done like mad. I've visited the ER because of it. I had an EKG done again to rule out my heart, and my heart is fine. The doctors said my blood work is all fine. Everything is within normal limits. The ER doctor said it sounds like I have an anxiety problem. I wanted to break out and cry right there. I then met with my primary who said he agreed with the diagnosis, and that I was healthy and was suffering from anxiety.

I have doctors telling me I have anxiety and its all in my head, but my body is physically telling me something else. Am I crazy to think that I have lyme again? This just does not feel like anxiety. Thank you for your time.

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