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I have been searching for answers since last November, when I had a terrible experience. I had eaten some Thanksgiving leftovers and drank some coffee, and had a few bouts of dizziness. When I was 9 years old, I had brain surgery to remove a benign cyst, which went successfully. The main symptoms that had been accompanied by this cyst were dizziness and nausea. Naturally, I started worrying that my brain tumor was back and I basically had a full-blown panic attack. Prior to this, I had never had a panic attack, and besides being a bit of a worrier, I didn't have health-related anxiety.

Since then, I have had a slight feeling of dizziness which is pretty much constant. It's not a spinning-type dizziness, but rather a swaying, unsteady feeling. I have gone through numerous doctors who performed many tests. Here's a summary of that:

PCP: thought it was sinuses, gave me sinus meds
ENT: didn't think it was my ears, no tests
PCP: blood work; normal
Neurologist: Ordered MRI of brain, came back normal
ENT: VRT test, normal
Neurologist: CTAT of head and neck to check for blocked arteries; normal

and now my neurologist and my PCP have tried to put me on SSRI's because they think it's anxiety. My symptoms are dizziness, and I also have neck pain on the left side of my neck. They subsided for awhile, and now are starting to become more prominent and bothersome. I also have an enlarged lymph node behind my left ear. My PCP looked at it and said not to worry about it, but that was in the summer and I have not had it looked at since (it has neither increased or decreased in size).

Now, I want to mention that I am an AVID outdoorsman, and have picked numerous ticks off of my body throughout the seasons. I have hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail, went camping at a friend's lake for days at a time both previous summer, etc. Also, I have a 2 year old black lab which sleeps in the bed with me (I mention this because of the possibility of ticks coming from her to me).

I want to make an appointment with my PCP and order a Lyme test (not ready to jump on the LLMD bandwagon just yet) and see what happens. I am baffled, as my blood work, MRI, VNG, etc have all been normal and I'm searching for an answer!!

Reading through these posts, I notice that the symptoms do not seem as subtle as mine. It seems debilitating, painful, and life-changing. I have been able to do well in school, keep my job, etc throughout all of this, even though it is constantly reminding me that I could feel better and lingers in the background. I guess I'm asking if there are varying levels of Lyme, and if I could have a "mild" form of it.

Or, on the contrary, does this not sound like Lyme at all? Any input will be greatly appreciated, and it will not sway my decision to get a Lyme test either way. I don't know how soon I can schedule this test because I am in the process of getting a new job.. so it might be a couple of weeks before I can actually get in to see a doctor.

One final question: will I need to do any special preparation the day of the Lyme test? How long will the results take to come in? And will my PCP be reluctant to issue one, considering that it is a "less likely" cause of my ailments?

*EDIT: I also have created previous threads which detail the progression in greater detail:

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