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Hello Everyone :)

Im suffering since 1 1/2 Years with many mysterious Symptoms
and Doctors in my Area can not help me.
2 Years ago I came from Germany to California to start a new Life.
I was healthy. All my Symptoms started a half Year later, after
eating a Tres Leches (Milk/Egg Cake) and 30 Min after that Intake
of that Cake i got Stomach Discomfort and Anxiety Attacks that I cannot breathe. On the next Day
I went to the Doctor, he said it just a light Food Poisoning
and there is nothing to worry about. He prescribed me Antibiotics
for 5 Days. They did not help and I went to a different Doc, he
check my Blood and said its H. Pylori, prescribed me Antibiotics
for 1 Month and the discomfort in the Stomach Area dissapeared,
but I was feeling still sick, with all the Symptoms (that changed to many different ones) that are listed below since over 1 Year. I went to the Doctor again assuming that
I have still H. Pylori and I did 6 Triple Treatments with Antibiotics through 1 Year, cuz the Blood Test showed H. Pylori Positive!
40 Days ago I got an Endoscopy and the Test show no H. Pylori
but Acid Reflux, caused through a weak Lower Esophagus Sphincter.
I was happy. Doc prescribed me Nexium for 1 Month and they did not
help. So I went to other Doctors regarding my many mysterious Symptoms
but a lot of Test came back NORMAL (See the Tests below).
What strange was, when I took the Antibiotics for 14 Days, after the 4th Day of Intake I felt for 3 or 4 Days healthy again!

These are my mysterious Symptoms that I have since 1 Year:

1. All started with this: Light Eye Burning/Eye Pressure/Red Eyes at Night/Pain while moving/Light Blurred Vision and then additionally the following Symptoms came:
2. Nausea
3. Light Balance Problems
4. Concentration Problems
5. Light Coordination Problems
6. Confusion
7. Mood Swings (Aggression)
8. Light Sensitivity
9. Noise Sensitivity
10.Hard to excrete Stools and Stool is loosely
11.Stomach Discomfort
12.Hot/Cold Flashes
13.Every Morning Exhausted
14.Flu-Like Symptoms
17.Sore Throat
19.Feeling like not real
20.Short of Breath
21.Tremor Hands
22.Heart Palpitations
23.When I talk it is sometimes hard to find Words
24.Weight Loss
25.Not to much Apptite
26.Ear Ringing
28.Muscle Twitching
29.Feeling like Hands are dry
30.Feeling like Face is dry
31.Sweating more than before
32.Strange Pain/Feeling on the right side of my Head (above Temple)

1. Skin Rash (On upper Leg or Stomach)
2. Light Headaches
3. Pain on the Right Ear Side

1. HIV - N (Negative)
2. Diabetes - N
3. B12 - Ok
4. TSH - Ok
5. Blood Sugar - Ok
6. Endoscopy - Acid Reflux (Weak LES)
7. Eye Pressure - Ok
8. Vitamin D - Ok
9. Basic Metabolic Panel - Ok
10.Glucose - Ok
11.Urine Test - Nothing found
12.Lipid Panel - Ok
13.RPR - Ok

I did not a Lyme Disease Test because the Doc said it is not necessary
because Im not hiking.

So my Question is: What Disease could be in your Opinion or what kind
of Tests can I do to find the Cause?

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