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Hello all,

New to this site and am looking for help understanding test results. One doctor tells me I have had Lyme in the past but not currently active, another doctor tells me I have not had Lyme and currently do not have it.

Symptoms include fatigue, sensations in scapl and forehead like crawling skin, had terrible bout for a week of extreme sweating and four hours later extreame chills, migrain headaches which I never get. Now sweating on and off during sleeping. Brain fog, hard to concentrate. Depression which I have probably had for a year but recently sought help in Juy, no drive or ambition, used to be very driven and active, ache all over my body...some days worse than others. Chalked it up to being starting to wonder.

Western blot results were, IgG P41 AB present and IgM P23 AB present, yet they conclude negative. Labcorp Of America in New Jersey did the test.
Also trying to locate a good Lyme Doctor in upstate New York.


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