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I recently had the Western Blot test done and the results were;

IgG P41 Present - IgG Negative
IgM P23 Present - IgM Negative


One doctor tells me I have had Lyme in the past but not currently active? My Primnary Doctor tells me that he is wrong and that I do not have Lyme and never had Lyme. I have all the symptoms, brain fog, restleg leg syndrome, ringing in the ears, Scalp and forehead twitch and feel like its crawling, aching all over with some days worse than others, Neck pain (had 4 vertebrea fused together in 2006) so nto sure what the cause may be, had a week where I went from extreme temperature swings in that I would be extreamly cold and could not get warm to 4 hours later being the exact opposite. This cycled about four times over three days. Also had horrible migrain headache and I never get headaches. Over the last year or so I have had terrible low mood swings where in July I finally broke down and had to see the doctor. They are now treating me for depression. I live in a very rural area in the middle of 100 acres of fields and many deer around. Constantly picking ticks off dogs.

[B]Can anyone help me find a literate Lyme Doctor and are these results conclusive that I do not have Lyme?[/B]


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