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Does anyone know the reason NY state prohibits its residents from recieving the Igenex Lyme panel test 6050 and 5095? Apparently they won't let us have the Bartonella FISH, Lyme IgG/IgM/IgA Screen (IFA), or the Lyme PCR-W Blood. I'm shocked that as a private citizen paying with my own money a state can prevent me from having such a test. Is this political? or is there a scientific reason? Anyone??:
NY state has the most stringent requirements for testing of any other state. Why they're more conservative in this arena (when liberal in most others) I don't really know. They do allow the IGM/IGG Western blot, which is the main test you need, also the multiplex PCR. They don't allow the Bartonella FISH but you could have this done through BioReference lab. NYS allows most of the co-infections to be tested through Igenex.

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