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Oh & you are right about your suspicious of getting it from anywhere & it spreading.

I have it, my daughter, 2x of my nieces and another got bit over 10x times. My sister was deathly sick & is functional now, but has symptoms. My mother got bit a few times & she has headaches and arthritis. My wife has never been bit, but shows very slow and gradual symptoms.

In the neighborhood that I live in with ONLY SIX HOUSES RIGHT NEXT TO ME, there are 15 people who got bit & have various symptoms. Of those 3 other ones were deathly sick and got better, but still have symptoms. I have been the sickest of them all, since I have had it for long time.

My best friend got bit years ago & only now decided to get tested after hearing about me. Positive! He only has SUPER sky high cholesterol and is very fit and eats great. He also has some joint pain. The lab technician who drew his blood at the general doctor's was having headaches and feeling very ill and had been for some time. My friend told her about me & guess what? She recalls being bit in High School and getting the bullseye rash. Never been treated & has had various symptoms throughout her years.

My anesthesiologist for my colonoscopy was talking to me & it turns out he got bit too and has mild headaches. I go into a realtor to look for houses and tell her I don't want to be near woods. Why, well I tell her & it turns out she has it & other people in her office as well. I see a dog walker walking her dog in the grass and I try to warn her not to go in the grass because of ticks. She tells me her daughter has had it bad & is still fighting it.

I go to a garage sale and we see a garden snake. Man says you have to watch out for those. I say yea, but not as much as ticks. He then tells me his son has went through 6 months of HELL and how he made it through. I go to another garage sale the following week and see a whole family spread out in a fairly wooded area, right in their back yard. I ask, don't you worry? Mother tells me she has pulled numerous ticks off the whole family.

Last week I find out that one of the physician's assistant at my LLMD (the one I gave you) had been working there for 2 years. She knew the dangers & got bit a year ago. She has brain fog & is getting treatment. Her brother got bit as well. Her uncle just came from Puerto Rico last week & he and her father went hunting. When her uncle gets back to PR, his wife finds 2x engorged ticks on his neck. He starts to develop fevers and is getting sick. There they don't know crap about Lyme & he may have to come back.

I stop mowing my lawn in the beginning of knowing what I have & getting very sick (May 2011). My wife and my sister think I am too paranoid & they decide to do it together. I tell them they are nuts. Within 15-20 minutes, guess what goes crawling up my sisters whit shirt? A poppy seed deer tick! Haaaaa told ya! Since then my whole family has been off our back yard.

I tried to keep kids off any grass & it was hard in the begining. We went to visit family in another state, CT ( I live in NY). I tell my daughter to keep off the grass and have to fight and state it many times. She tells me how come everyone else gets to go on the grass. Okay, if you want a tick on you then go ahead. She walks across the house front lawn, then toward the house, then toward the car where I am. I am watching her & see a black dot on her dress. Call her closer to me & I could not believe it. A freakin tick & it was not even 15 seconds. I yell out to the family and in particular my wife. You see this is exactly what I am talking about I tell her! Needless to say from that time on the 4 memers of my immediate family have kept off the grass for the most part. If necessary we spray ourselves.

Catch this. The mother of the household we visited in CT went on a religious excursion. She was in Montvale, NJ & was there in a grass and wooded area. She comes home and takes a shower to find an engorged tick on her leg. She calls me to let me know. Well, I warned her and could not be clearer to protect my family and others around me. This just goes to show you how people can be. You do not understand this until you experience some of the deadlier symptoms. I have felt like I was dying on many different occassions and days, so I know better.

I got really sick in May 2011 & before that I was very ignorant. I did not know anything about Lyme and only knew what I read. I was stupid and tell you and others these stories in order to show just how real it is. In just eight months of all this info and all these stories is unreal. It was under my nose all that time, but I never chose to see and understand it. It is a REAL EPIDEMIC and growing exponentially.

The more people that get sick, the more that will get sick. Things like mosquitos as vectors will grow, if only 15 people within 6 houses (as is the case with me) are now carriers. Family members will definitely pass it on to one another. Mother's will pass it to their unborn children & the infection goes on.

I don't beat around the bush with this and don't take it very lightly as I once stupidly did. I WISH that I had read a post or thread putting things into perspective such as I am trying to do. I might have thought otherwise about the many decisions that put me and my family at risk.

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