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After 20 years of chronic lyme and always testing positive I now test negative. It hasn't been a full year yet, though, so I'm being cautious with declarations. If this is a success story it is completely due to the salt/c protocol. Had I started it when I first became ill with Lyme it wouldn't have been such a long haul, but like many of you I was misdiagnosed for many years. There are a number of other success stories with the salt/C protocol that can be researched.

I think some LLMDs don't emphasize detoxing but this is [I]vitally[/I] important. There are many adjuncts available to help you feel better during the healing process. I also found it important, for my sanity as well figuring out what to do during new developments, to have a community of fellow lymies who were on a similar path to wellness.

Whatever method you are using, I wish you all healthier days ahead.

Jen :wave:

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