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Ok so I have been having symptoms for about 8 months now. I live in tennessee and i was canoeing the river with some people we flipped it and we were in the woods. So like 2 or 3 days later i noticed tick in my groin area and on on my waist. I got both of them off, but not long after that i notice a sore swollen lymph node on the same side the tick was on in my groin. I went to the doc and told her, so she gave me some antibiotics. I took those for a month and felt fine but not long after that i started feeling veryyyyyy fatigued, my stomach was constantly rolling making noises, I had muscle twitching everywhere in my body mostly in my legs. I work out all the time and run all the time so im usually very healthy i knew something was wrong. I would make myself run a mile even though i felt like crap but when i would stop i would get this severe pins and needles feeling all over my body for a few seconds then it would go away. Now my stomach is all messed up i have to use the bathroom all the time as soon as i wake up I have to and ususally average like 5 or 6 times a day and thats not normal for me at all i used to be lucky to go once a day bc i dont have high metabolism. My stomach still makes noises all the time and have to use the bathroom, still have muscle twitching, and still the pins a needles thing. I have had 2 lyme test and both negative but i have read where they arent accurtate for detecting lyme. I'm just sick of it all I would love to know whats wrong with me bc i know my body better than anybody and theres defenitly something going on with me. I figured it would finally go away but it hasn't. I went to an internal MD doc like 3 times and i believe he began to think i was losing it offered to send me to a phsycitrist and give me some anti depressents. He was just like you look like a picture of health, the muscle twitching is prob from working out so much, but It,s not like that im 20 and have been working out since ive played football and basell as a freshman. I mean i kinda felt like punching him. I was like man i know its not from working out ive been doing it forever and it has never made my muscles twitch maybe once every now and then and when it did it was localized to one muscle this is all over my body constantly i cant stand it. Im just looking for some info and help. Tell me what yall think thank you.

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