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Hi, I'm new posting on this board! :)

I've had two Lyme blood tests, both with IgM positive and IgG negative taken December and January, a month apart. The doctors were vague about them, and the other said it may be early Borrelia infection; the other said it means I've had "contact" with a tick long time ago but it may have healed. Yet, this past fall I suffered from vertigo, tinnitus and imbalance, and double vision, and in December, a mild Bell's palsy. I've had palpitations on and off. When I think back I've had joint pains which might be due to Lyme (or something else) I have not seen the tick but I live in an area with lots of ticks and spend a lot of time outdoors, haven't been careful in the past, I think a contact with a tick is inevitable.

The symptoms since stopped little by little, and I feel ok now, but these blood tests concern me. I have no medication and in my area doctors don't understand Lyme, I got the tests only because I demanded them. What should I do now and what do you think the test results mean? I'm feeling nervous about them.
Thank you!!

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