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Iíve posted before, but have a different question. Guess this might be directed to long term lyme sufferers. In treatment going on 6 months, 2000mg abx, plenty of supplements and probiotics. 80% better which is a gift from God. However, my LLMD stated early on believed diagnosis of lyme was clinical due to weak test results. The lingering symptoms are inner tremor, no well being, feeling ill. Prior to getting to this point of feeling better than before with all the other 50+ symptoms I started with, the LLMD made few comments which never were expanded on. LLMD states the vertigo inconsistent with lyme (not what Iíve read), inner tremor that lingers could be heavy metal toxicity and allergies (which LLMD stated I just looked allergic). I had testing for food intolerance and been told results show moderate intolerance to dairy, gluten, chicken and I couldnít see what else (btw, the doc does not show you test results and to request copies is not allowed. I understand why though due to negative response if treatment, etc got into wrong hands). However, my question to long time sufferers, has anyone developed these intolerances due to lyme? Funny, prior to lyme infection, I have never had any allergies to anything. I can eat anything, no stomach issues, rashes, etc. So I am perplexed when LLMD tells me to eat gluten and dairy free if I have no GI issues. I normally eat a low fat diet and have a bmi of 22, so my eating habits are not bad.

Also, anyone told to get tested for heavy metal toxicity which can contribute to inner tremor(this runs is $360)? Iím running out of money for treatment (just doctor visits and supplements $1,000 a month) and I want to use my money for the treatment. The doctor gives impression if I donít follow is recommended, abx will stop being ordered. This doc has excellent reputation. Confused 

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