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[QUOTE=drogojr;4918924]Thank you for your input. Yes, I will follow through with Lyme Disease
specialist. My general practicioner advised me to and referred my to specialist which I will see next week. Hopefully, we caught this early.
Thanks again,

You had 3 bands on the IgM, what about the IgG?

What makes you worry if you have no symptoms? Why did you have the test? Were you bitten? Was it a dear tick? Did you get the bulls eye pattern?

According to the IDSA and CDC, a 3 band positive is negative for Lymes. Don't let the zealots tell you you that its Lymes.

Any doctor can call himself a LLMD for the $$$. Its a big mess and I'd be cautious.

If you had 3 bands and are worried, you could repeat the test at another lab to double check and you could ask for the new culture test.

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