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[QUOTE=jojo;4927733][COLOR="Purple"]If the disease doesn't make you crazy the doctors

There are more false negatives than false positives. IF and sounds like you are...displaying symptoms, with a positive...then you most likely have lyme.

Lumbar punctures are pretty useless, I have read where a few people get a positive from that...but there are many of us that get negatives. It is just not a good test either. Made me worse for a long time. But is good money in a docs pocket.

I really would concentrate on finding a Lyme specialist and spend your money that way. AND I would make sure this Lyme Clinic is really where you want to go. I have not heard of a Lyme clinic...but great if they truly have a "true" Lyme specialist there.

By the way, depression and ADD can be caused from the bacteria getting into your central nervous system.

There are supplements and the Salt/C protocol you can start in the mean time.
You have to be your own alot like you are doing. Don't let a doctor tell you it is all in your head...cause it most likely is and there is something you can do about it.

Stay positive, there are answers out there.


the pain management dr is whom had origiinally tested me.. he had started me on the doxycyclin, then made me stop when the negative came in. So i was kind of wondering if I should continue taking them in the meantime. Can I post links here to the clinic and doctor I found in MA? I'm not sure how to figure out whom would be best to go to. I do have good insurance, and most doctors accept it, so that's a plus. I am having many symptoms. I'm not sure if I listed them in the initial post. but it alls tarted with neck/upper back pain and intermittent numbness/tingling/burning through my forearm, hand/fingers. The Neuro did find that i have decreased sensation on my right hand/wrist/pinky finger. He wants me to triple my Gabapantin over the next 3 weeks in the meantime as well.

My other symptoms that are newer or worsening; eye vision; i feel like my eyes are constantly moving around/darting around & not concentrating on items, i've had some involuntary muscle twitches in my arm and neck. cognitive things such as not be able to get my hand to do something such as put the cap back on a bottle or get my money out of my wallet. tremors in my hands. weakness in my legs.. feeling like they're giving out. balance issues.. dizziness.. nausea. constant pressure at the base of my skull/head.. buzzing and fogginess in my head.. clogged ears. as of the past few days every muscle in my body hurts from my eyes to the end of my toes.

it even went as far as me "hallucinating" the other night.. i saw shadows of children running past me to my daughter's swingset at night when i was getting out of my car. not sure why. but that was the only one.

there are a ton of other symptoms going on.. but those are the worst/scariest.

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