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I posted before. I'm Kade. 25 year old female. I recently saw a "lyme's specialist" whom confirmed this is Lyme and that it is in my brain. He put on doxy and cefdiner. I'm also on 900 mg of gabapentin a day.

My symptoms;
pain in neck/back mostly, muscle spasms. Legs are weak & feel like they're giving out. numbness in right arm. blurry vision. trouble finding the right word/stuttering. trouble concentrating, trouble with memory. eyes constantly feel like they're darting around rather than focusing on one object. restless leg sensations when sitting/standing. constant fatigue. nausea. general weakness everywhere. dizziness. lightheaded. feeling like i may fall over. Feel like the room is spinning. every muscle in my body feels painful.. everything hurts including my eyes and tips of my toes. feeling "out of it/disorientated". extreme pressure at the base of the skull, fogginess in the head, buzzing.

I've been on the antibiotics about 5 days now. I know that I'm expected to feel worse before I feel better, however, my neurological symptoms are feeling ten times worse. I'm a photographer, and today everytime I moved around, i literally felt like I was falling over on the client, [ and yes i lost my balance multiple times during this feeling, ]

I'm new to this, so I expected mostly the pain to be worse, not the other symptoms. Should I be concerned, or should I just tough it out and wait and see? I just want to make sure it's normal. aside from the above example, my disorentation is a lot worse, blurry vision, burning in my arms, it's extremely painful to even lift a bag of groceries, my depth perception is HORRIBLE especially when driving.. it's scary.. and i'm feeling really unsafe to drive.

At what point, does the "herx" feeling stop?

My appt with the doctor was so brief, I didn't have a lotof time to ask questions. What do you do for pain management? I've been taking extra strength tylenol, but it doesn't help. i was told to "check in" in a month with the dr, [ he works at a clinic ]. Should i be seeing any other doctors in the meantime?

My ANA screen came back positive, with a titer of 1:160 speckled. My RF was also high.. so the last doctor i saw before the specialist referred me to a rheumy whom I can't get in to see until April. However, the specialist told me this rheumy does not "belive" lymes.

Since the dr gave me such little information, I'm just confused. Since it's in my brain, is it still Stage 3 Lyme? Or is it a different type?
He did say it would be 3-4 years or longer before I feel "much better."

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