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We are new to the group and have some questions.
My 18 year old daughter's western blot test results just came back and the doctor has said that it looks as though she may have lyme. I have done as much research as I can on the meaning of these various bands that she has tested positive and/or IND for and have been left with a few impressions but do not fully understand.

For her IgM she has IND on 39, ++ on 41 and + on 66.
Her IgG is IND on 39, + on 41 and + on 58
I hear that band 41 is disputable as far as being specific to lyme. Also, does anyone one know what the significance of band 58 and 66 is? she had a IND 39 band on both IgG and IgM as well, which I hear is very specific to lyme. The doctor said that 66 was more specific to lyme than 58. Does this look like lyme or could positive 41, 58 and 66 mean something else? her symptoms are primarily fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, twitches, metabolic and some mild joint pain. fatigue is a big issue.

thanks very much

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