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The Immunoblot (IgG) (i.e., Western Blot) came back with ONLY band 41 IgG present, and my doc said there is pretty much no way I have Lyme.. but I am still concerned, even though both tests came back negative.

I read through some posts and the 'info' post but I am having a hard time of what to make of Pcp didnt even think it was important enough to discuss and chalked the 41 IgG being present to a past infection I may have had? [/QUOTE]

Lyme is primarily diagnosed by clinical symptoms, not tests. An ID doctor does not understand this and, therefore, will only treat for LD if a test comes up positive. If you think you might have Lyme you would be better served seeing a lyme specialist, an LLMD. They do not take insurance.

I assume you have already checked for Hypthyroidism as your symptoms also fit for that. If not, an endocrinologist could help you with a complete thyroid panel.


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