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One more thing...Blackant5...a negative Western blot doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have lyme. What band was reactive on your original Western Blot? [U]Some bands are specific to lyme, and that would mean something to a LLMD[/U]. An Igenix Western blot would be a better test to have run. My original Western blot (ran thru a local lab here) had a couple positive bands (IGM 23 +, which is specific to lyme; IGG 41 +, not specific to lyme..and I also had a positive Elisa test for lyme), but was deemed negative for lyme overall. However, my good LLMD ran an Igenix Western Blot with more positive bands showing up (IGM 23-25 +, which is lyme specific; IGM & IGG 31 +, which is lyme specific; IGM 39 IND, which is lyme specific; IGM & IGG 41 +, not lyme specific; IGM 83-93 + [83 is lyme specific]). My local lab didn't test for bands 31 or 83, both of which are lyme specific. I suggest you read thru the Lyme Disease Information threads on this has lots of good info to help you start to sort thru things. Bottom line is if I had listened to my original doctors diagnosis, I would be in very bad shape right now. I was getting worse and worse, and he kept saying I had anxiety. Very frustrating, because I knew that something serious was wrong with me. It was alarming how quickly I was going downhill. It was only when I got with my LLMD and he [U]thoroughly[/U] evaluated ALL my symptoms, history of my illness, labs, physical, etc ( I also had a negative MRI), that he was then able to say definitively I was battling lyme. Just wanted to point out that a negative Western blot might not be negative at all. Be persistant in getting to the root cause of your symptoms. You sound like you may have lyme, but only an LLMD can know for sure. Blessings to you. ~Prairiemom

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