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[COLOR="Purple"]Hi xenophile, from everything that I have been through, and have learned along the way...

You can not solely go on a test. A person truly needs to go to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor, (Lyme specialist).
They go on your symptoms. A clinical evaluation.

Not many go on what the CDC says, from what I understand they use these bands as tracking. crazy eh? NOT many have all of the bands they are looking for.
Since you have a positive from the lab...I would go with that.

What symptoms do you have that made you look into lyme?

At the top of this board, there are 2 threads, How to Share Doctors names, and Lyme Newbies...They should help guide you.

Read old post of yours, being bit by 100's of ticks. I would go on your test results!!

Hope you find the right treatment and get better soon!


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