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Hello I'm 16 years old and was given doxycycline for stage 2 Lymes over a month ago. I play lacrosse and before I knew I had Lymes I noticed swelling in my knee and didn't know the cause. I just ignored it and started wearing neoprene sleeves to take the pressure off. I kept playing and my calf began to hurt severely and my whole right leg was inflamed. I went to the doctor the next day they did X-rays ultrasound blood tests and scheduled an MRI. They told me I had stage 2 Lymes and torn muscle fibers in my calf and gave me twice a day 100mg doxycycline. I took the first months treatment and noticed slight improvement and a better range of motion with my leg. They took an unbelievable amount of fluid from my knee a few weeks ago and that didn't do much good it just regenerated. I am currently in-season for lacrosse and was told to be on the starting line up before my injury. I went to the doctor after finishing my first months treatment and my doctor just gave me another month of doxy. I am wondering what is wrong with my knee and how long until ye swelling goes away? Right now my knee is fairly swollen and I am not able to reach full speed and exercise how I want. I ice and elevate it often and was cleared fully a week or 2 ago to play. When I returned I felt alright but began wearing a hinged mcdavid knee sleeve and that helps decrease some pressure. I am not able to apply enough pressure in my knee as I need to and it feels week and still don't have a full range of motion. I noticed numbness in the bottom back of my foot that occurred after the calf injury and occasional tingling in the foot. Also since the injury I can no longer curl my right big toe and I have noticeably less strength and toe control in my right foot. The numbness has decreased a little since the injury but is still there. I'm on day 2 of my second month of doxy and need to know what to do to get better. I'm debating whether to rest this whole week and not practice but I'm not sure.Thanks

Is this your only symptom of lyme? How do you know you have lyme? From what i know of Lyme disease there are many more symptoms then what you have. Everybody is effected differently but usually people are a lot sicker then you are. I am just curious if you tested positive on any lyme tests. LaLa

Is this your only symptom of lyme? How do you know you have lyme? From what i know of Lyme disease there are many more symptoms then what you have. Everybody is effected differently but usually people are a lot sicker then you are. I am just curious if you tested positive on any lyme tests. LaLa[/QUOTE]

Yes I tested positive for Lyme and had the neck aches very drowsy feeling and a few other sick symptoms and they said my knee was "Lyme arthritis" but most symptoms reduced within the first month but still slight neck aches. They did x rays and MRIs on my knee and said it was mild bone bruising and Lyme arthritis.
Welcome here,

If you are continuing to exercise in the manner you describe - playing Lacrosse - you are delaying possible healing of your Lyme. Lymies have to be very careful about getting aerobic as this seems to intensify symptoms (I would get set back for months every time I tried to resume running or go to the gym). Your idea to rest is a good one but you may have to consider complete rest from your sport until Lyme is no longer a factor. Gentle exercise works best for lymies - walking, yoga, stretching . . . I hesitate to say this to a 16 year old, and I'm sure you love your sport, but with Lyme you have to think in terms of long-term health. Your knee issue alone would seem to me to be a reason to rest. Regarding knees and lyme, knees seem to be a prime target for this infection.

I wish you all the best and hope you can soon return fully to a more healthful state. Are you seeing an LLMD? Read the post "lyme newbies" at the top of this board for more information about this.

Rest has eliminated all pain from my knee but I still feel an intense pressure in my knee from the swelling. I'm a month and a few days in to doxy treatment and have been resting from exercise yet my knee swelling has become really bad, it is now the same as it was before I got it drained which is pretty huge. Im doing physical therapy to help reduce swelling but has not worked yet. I also started to feel swellin and stiffness in my right elbow today. I am going to try and get an appointment with an infectious disease doctor in my area but was wondering how long this will keep up for and if there is any sure way to reduce swelling.
Hello again,

If you still have the infection then you have to keep hitting it and detoxing as well. Lyme is not like other infections. The critters will reproduce about every month if you're not aggressive enough in treatment. They have the ability to infiltrate all tissues in the body. I hope the ID doc can help you but you would be better served by seeing an LLMD. You might also think about the salt/C approach as you could do this in addition to your abx treatment. I have heard that Mercola's joint formula has helped a number of people with specific knee issues (as well as other joint problems). Magnesium oil or Epsom salt soaks will help with pain and swelling. Terry Naturally Curamin is a natural supplement that is good for pain as well. I also think that doing your own research on Lyme and/or finding a support group in your area will help you to better understand the infection.

Wishing you health!

Thank you. I have 1000 mg vitamin c pills And I am going to try your other suggestions. I also have an appointment with a llmd in a few weeks

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