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Apr 8, 2012

I have been sick for almost 15 years with varying symptoms - some extreme some just annoying. I had been told over the years from Lyme docs that it was clearly Lyme and would start treatment but I often I gave up too early due to extreme reactions to the antibiotics. Also, I only had a positive 41 band at the time so I am not sure (for whatever reason) I totally believed in my Dx..Recently, I took a nosedive and went back to docs, after 15 years of no positive bloodwork, I was dx'd with multi nodular thyroid which needs biopsy, positive lupus band test and the following Ingenex results (I never had an Igenex test previously):

31 IND, 39+, 41+++, 58+

I have a history of tick bites (many) - even with rash. After all these years of suffering and never getting results on much I now have to make sense of all these things and figure out how to attack them?

First the lupus results came in which I dealt with for a week then I opened my Igenex results yesterday and now wonder if Lyme caused the immune response in that test as well..I will admit that my symptoms can even be bizarre for Lupus so in that way seems like Lyme a lot more? I've ended up in the hospital due to extreme reactions to antibiotics so the tx for Lyme terrifies me! Ugh - Any thoughts and input on my test results and antibiotic problems would be greatly appreciated!!:)

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