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Hi all,
Back in november i went deer hunting. I didnt get a deer, but i got a tick.
I pulled the whole thing out, and saw no head lodged in my skin. The bite is 3" below my right nipple. That first day and night i saw nothing out of the ordinary. It turned into a red spot about the size of a dime, started itching like crazy, and stood out prominently.
I went to see my GP, who prescribed a course doxy. Aside from tearing my insides up, nothing happened with the bite. Now here i am 5 months later, beach season is right around the corner and ive got this angry red thing on my chest. Ive tried doxyciclene, hydrocortisone ointment, clobatosol ointment, and other cremes, etc. Still no result. I have felt a little weak in the past few months, but nothing else that would make me think lyme disease. Those of you who have Lyme disease, what did your bite look like?
I went out into the woods several times since that bite, and pulled several ticks off. None of them affected me like this one. I work out regularly and i am proud of the results. I dont want this ugly, itchy thing on me. I hope somebody has an idea of what i can use. Is there anything holistic thats out there? Any help would be appreciated

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