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[QUOTE=lala52;4968365]Island girl:
Just a few questions. What made you think you have lyme? How did everything start? What exactly are your neuro symptoms? You said you have tingling. Where is the tingling and also what bones feel painful? Are they painful to the touch? I have some similar symptoms. I have tingling on the top of my head, eye twitching, a balance problem (feeling of imbalance), neck pain and lots of other stuff including digestive and stomach issues. I also have bone pain on the elbows but the inner bone on the inner part of the arm. I have not gotten a positive lyme test. I had two positive bands and two ind bands from igenix in california. That was not considered a positive result. I am surprised that you only have one positive band and you are being treated with an antibiotic that is not the usual meds. What kind of a dr is treating you? I would love to hear from you and get more info. Take care and hope you are getting better. LaLa[/QUOTE]

Hello LaLa: I was experiencing neck pain that radiated an electrical type feeling and weakness to my arms and legs. I thought I needed an adjustment. After several weeks of adjustments by the chiropractor, he said my problem was something else and he said some of my symtoms sounded like lyme. I went and did the western blot which for all intents and purposes came back negative because the CDC standards require you to test reactive for 2 out of 3 IGM bands and 5 out of 10 IGG bands. I only reacted to band 23 IGM which is lyme specific. My doctor said I do not have lyme according to the test results. But I demanded antibiotics because what else would cause band 23 IGM to react and also cause me symtoms.

It started with a very bad mentrual period. I was flooding and feeling very weak. I noticed the weak feelings in my muscles would feel even worse when I took a hot shower. I went the very next day to my gyno who put me on bcp and that made me feel even worse. After 9 days I came off the pills and continued to feel bad. My neck was cracking and hurting right at the base of the skull. My jaw would be cracking and popping. I had the most uncomfortable feeling in by arms and legs - a combination of tight muscles with an electrical tingling feeling. Almost like an extremely nervous feeling in your muscles. Very uncomfortable. But not exactly pain. Then I started to feel burning sensations in the back of my neck and arms and legs on and off in different spots. My neck muscles would get very tight and make swallowing difficult. The my lower back started to hurt on and off. I had a feeling of disbalance and extreme tinnitus in both ears. I was feeling tired but could not really have a restful sleep. On Monday I started amoxicillan which is the alternative med to doxy which I am allergic to. Howerver yesterday I started feeling bone pain in my arms and legs (the long bones) that I was not feeling before and my teeth ache. Awful.

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