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I have not been feeling well for the past two and a half months. Can't think straight, tired, can't sleep through the night, an ache in the back of my head that moves. One time it is center, another right, another left and sometimes a little higher like on the top of my head. Not really a headache just a pressure type ache. Neck pain, tight restless feeling in both my arms and legs that goes and comes. Numbness in my index finger and large toe. Constant tinnitus, tight throat and tongue muscles that go and come. My teeth has a vague sensation of ache that goes and comes. My vision seems off. I feel very disoriented and much brain fog. My balance is off. My joints crack a lot. I don't seem to have too much joint pain. More of a general sick feeling all the time. And anxiety off the charts!!! My temperature is usually below 98.6 My Quest Western Blot came back negative overall, but band 23 IGM was reactive. My doctor sent to redo the test along with the igm/igg for the co-infections. I also had a brain MRI done and it is showing a pineal cyst and an achranoid cyst in pituitary fossa.

Am I dealing with two separate issues here - lyme and brain cysts? Does lyme cause brain cysts. Or maybe I don't have lyme and my symptoms are from the cysts? Anyone has lyme and pineal and/or arachnoid brain cysts? I would really appreciate your input. I am so worried. I have not been to my neurologist yet. He is off island.

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